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All about Beard Oils

It seems that everywhere you look more and more mend are growing Beards, they are defiantly in fashion and have been for a few years years now. Do us men look after our beards? 

What makes our beards different from the hair on our heads? I'm sure as I do, you wash your hear regular basis, shampoo, condition, hair wax, gel, comb, brush? We don't just leave it? This begs the question, why not follow similar routines for our facial hair?

As we the hair on our head, we need to maintain our facial hair and crucially the skin beneath. 

Fortunately, we offer a range of natural beard oils and balms which can help you in a number of ways. 

But how exactly? 

Lets start with the most well know male grooming product for beards. 

Beard oils can be made up from just a few or more than 10 ingredients. The base of the oil is made up of natural carrier oils just as "Sweet Almond Oil" and is mixed with other essential oils and/or vitamins. Although many oils can be used there are a number of popular and effective oils employed. 

Some of the oils contained in our products are Jojoba, Argan, Hemp, Apricot. These oils have excellent moisturising properties and are natural in nature. These oils work both on your beard hair and the skin under.  

To keep our oils natural, we employ combinations of essential oils including Lime, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and many others. As well as providing uplifting and inspiring fragrances, essential oils can perform aromatherapy qualities and other important qualities for the skin.  


How do they work?

The hair in your beard is courser than on your heard and therefore requires frequent moisturisation to stay conditioned. Some of the oils contained, such as Jojoba Oil naturally mimic the oils produced by the skin which can not reach to the end of your beard hair. 

Beard oils can help not just your beard hair, but the skin underneath moisturising and helping to prevent dry skin. 

Sound interesting? 

Take a look at our range of 100% natural beard oils here 


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