INK & Specialist Fluids

I have been working in the ink industry for almost 30 years and was heavily involved in the development of the first photographic ink sets which paved the way for inkjet photography and fine art printing today. As an experienced inkjet ink and specialist fluids formulator I can offer the following services: 

  • Ink development - Develop proprietary inks for both thermal and piezo printheads in dye, pigment or both.

  • Ink reformulation - Troubleshoot any ink issues or reformulate to suit your needs. 

  • Raw materials - Have extensive knowledge of suppliers in the industry and can work with you to create your own liquid pigment dispersions or other types of ink bases.  

  • Compatibility testing - Issues can arise when certain raw materials are mixed together that are not compatible, I can advise and remedy any issues you may have 

  • Quality Testing - I have an array of laboratory equipment available to check all aspects of an ink. These tests can include but not limited to: Viscosity, Conductivity, pH, Surface Tension, Particle Size, Filtration, stability. 

  • Formula review - I can suggest alternative raw materials for better performance at lower cost.

  • Stability - Test the inks for shelf-life 


I have access to varying mixer sizes and can product any batch size from 100ml to 1000kg if required. 

Other equipment includes a beadmill and ultrasonic disperser which can be used in the development of specific liquid pigment dispersions. 

Please contact me do discuss your inkjet needs 



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